He fell in love with the most beautiful theory of evolution… but she was already with another man.

A 6½ minute comedy written and directed by Patrick Griffiths, Talking Animal.


Shot around London in June 2010, the final edit of Wallace was completed in January 2011.

It has been submitted to a small handful of film festivals and was shown at the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York in October 2011.

The film isn't yet available online but, if your imagination is vivid enough to handle it, feel free to read the script.

Get in touch for further information.


Written and directed by
Patrick Griffiths
Sam Fordham as Alfred Russel Wallace
Alex Hardy as Charles Darwin
Michael Palmer as Charles Lyell
Richard Carroll as Joseph Dalton Hooker
Director of photography
Adnan Hemani
Sound recordist
Joel Fowler
Assistant director
Erin Mochan
Colour grading
Sam de Freyssinet
Helen Jane Long
Igor Dvorkin
Duncan Pittock
Special thanks to
The Natural History Museum, London
The Royal Parks, London
The Rose and Crown, Ealing
Produced by
Talking Animal
Met Film School