Talking Animal Films

Eh? Hello.

Recent short film scripts, slightly taller film scripts and multi-sense-tickling audio-visual exercises, experiments and conkers from Patrick Griffiths, Talking Animal.

Be warned! Content could lead to small people asking awkward questions.

Wallace, That Game With Death, and two other projects are currently in development.

Wallace script

SkullShe was wonderful, extraordinary, beautiful and he fell head-over-heels in love with her… but she was already with another man.

My ship sank and all I salvaged was this t-shirt

According to Plan script

An arrogant city businessman is mistakenly kidnapped by the oddball residents of a remote countryside guesthouse in the hope that he will save them from the clutches of an evil property developer.

A fax? A fax?! What epoch do you inhabit?

Text video

Gagged womanA terrifying reunion between two old school acquaintances.

The Watcher video

Two menA quiet day in the park turns in to a walk on the wild side.

Christmas Bunny script + video

BunnyWhen Santa has a little accident the Tooth Fairy tries to convince the Easter Bunny to take his place.

A giant, angry, gun-wielding kitten was biting off their wings.

That Game With Death script

DeathIn an attempt to save his life, a man challenges Death to a game. You know, like that film…

Light to Dark video

Face in shadowsJust when he thought the afterlife was all sunshine and ice-cream…

Silent video

ManWhy do Joel's drinks mysteriously disappear just seconds after he has bought them?

Baby Food script

When it appears that a man accidentally ate the baby he was childminding, he and his brother look for ways to cover up the gaffe before the mother returns.

You ate the baby. I can't believe you ate the baby.

Oopsy script

Daisy, a cantankerous pensioner, discovers the financial benefits of having "accidents".

HTML Dog script

An unhappy web developer finds himself face-to-face with his apparently more successful doppelganger.

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The End.